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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger
Yahoo Messenger | 18.48MB
Yahoo! Messenger is an application to maintain the privacy of chat conversations and dramatically. Yahoo! Messenger is a very popular program because it is the best chat application to send an instant message or mail. Besides Yahoo Messenger can also send messages from anywhere to send each person when the program is open Messenger and Yahoo Messenger now has support for all versions of Windows.

Yahoo Messenger offers firewall support a standby mode that minimizes the program to connect to the Internet. Besides Yahoo Messenger has the ability to save and print your conversations.

Yahoo Messenger
 Password Link
Password:freesoft88 or


  1. Hehe ane mendingan ngeblog sama fban dah gan :D thanks udh share bang

  2. @Hzndi haha,, ternyata agan facebookers :)

  3. aduh ga bisa ya...bukan link mediafire nih....
    hihihihi :(


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